How’s the digital transition coming along?

Y’all it is not easy.

pls excuse whatever the heck I was trying to do with an airbrush.

For about a week or two I’ve been sketching on the tab everyday 1-3 hours. Regardless of how bad it came out I just did it. I started practicing the basics like drawing a circle, square, triangle. Learned a handful of shortcuts (that pretty much do all the work for you??) when I got comfortable, I began plotting out more techniques such as vanishing points and perspective grids.

This was to prep my hand to draw on the tablet, once this week was over, I felt like I could handle the tablet for more detailed sketching….or so I thought….

Word of advice – don’t jump into color yet, just draw like you draw on paper. B/W values, rendering objects, etc. This stage should be relatively easier to transition into. I went wild with colors and it looks like a unicorn had a heyday, lol. When going into color, try to refrain from using many tools, the brush and eraser are fine.

I can’t quite seem to get it through my head that I am not using traditional materials, so my tablet is in a knife scratching plate state. Also, I feel like I need to sleep in an awful position the night before – resulting in a stiff neck. That way I’d have no choice but to look straight rather than down lmao. My brain is not yet used to the idea that what I draw on the tablet hangs together with what it creates on the screen.

It’s definitely going to take a bit of work to make the transition, especially if you’re like me (pencil squad only). Many digital art processes use painting techniques.

This emote is basically me the entire time and shortly after learning how to draw all over again.