Dr. Stone

There’s a reason that Crunchyroll chose to back this as a flagship series, so you don’t need me to tell you that it delivers on that front. The genuine love and passion for various scientific discussions present in the series is really awesome. It’s these two things that elevate the show beyond.

The series centers on Senkū Ishigami, an 18-year-old genius, who is friends with Taiju Ōki and Yuzuriha Ogawa. Their world ends in an instant as a mysterious flash engulfs the planet and turns all humans into stone statues. Cut to 5738 CE (3,700 years later), and Senku is revived and finds civilization completely eroded by time. Senku makes it his mission to bring every human and civilization back through the use of science.

This is one of those types of anime where even though there’s a lot going on, it’s pretty easy to follow and understand. It basically revolves around a doomsday event and how the aftermath affects the characters. The concept worked so well because the story allows moments of levity throughout.

Senkū is pretty enjoyable. He’s dedicated to his work and resourceful, but he’s also not afraid to have a good time. He’s full of himself, but he’s still empathetic and always strives to do good. In many shows, you might question whether a character would take an action that seems counter to his personality.

Each villager who witnesses a scientific feat is intrigued by it. In fact, some of them are experts themselves with how they collect minerals, craft materials, and apply that experience to new inventions. I love how this show recreates many advances to accomplish in the stone world what took millions of years in the old world. They find clever and creative ways to recreate technologies from our world–inventions like generators, medicine, and even steel swords and gunpowder.

Dr. Stone is surprisingly engaging, 10/10 🎉