Drawing everyday for a week straight

Holy sheit.

Wow Dani, get a life right?


Need to get this out of the way though…





Yes, the Pokemon, the one that is characterized as loving to sing but apart of its ability is when it sings, people fall asleep.

The struggle *sigh*

Just as with Jigglypuff and maybe life in general, by chasing external validation we end up missing out. So far, I don’t think it has gone to my head like it has previously, years ago. For one thing, I continue to try to be aware of my stuff, and hold myself accountable to others.

There’s always that little voice in the back of my head that says “no one will like this.” And honestly the only way to overcome the voice is by telling it to fuck off. Because when we care about what we are doing in our lives, that should be reason enough to do it. Sure, I’d like for you, to go “she’s got a point” and share what I post, but I can’t place validation as my number one priority and motivator for drawing because then I’m just drawing for attention and all integrity is lost. If I can read this post in two weeks and still feel it holds true, I should feel validated.

We don’t begin relationships with the question “how can you validate me?” in mind, or at least you really shouldn’t. Please, God, don’t ever do that. We begin them because we want to see how we can be impacted, how we can explore the world from a new perspective, how we can grow and change, and, hopefully, become a better person, using all of the faults as learning opportunities.

Desire to create is natural, and our never-ending journey to seek validation has been crafted by a society that dictates the notion that you are only as good as the number of people who appreciate or validate you. This philosophy, which is so engrained to who we are and rules our actions, feelings, and lives, isn’t healthy. We’re all just screaming into a large void, hoping that, for a split second, our voice will be louder than the others.

During your next project, ask yourself:

“will I enjoy this?”

If the answer is yes, then you have all the validation you need.