Record of Ragnorok

*fangirl screams*

Again, it’s more of the character design for me, lol.

It was a pleasant change to see Thor with red hair.

Also known as Shuumatsu no Valkyrie.

A Japanese manga series written by Fukui Takumi & Umemura Shinya, with illustrations by Aji Chika. The series also has a couple official spinoffs and Netflix just released the anime adaptation.

The story goes; every 1,000 years the gods call a convention to decide whether humanity lives or dies. However; this time a Valkyrie who grows tired of the God’s arrogant nature tells them to allow the humans to prove their worth and suggests they fight. The Gods believe they are too strong and agree; the battle begins in an arena setting. Thirteen gods from different pantheons will fight against thirteen human champions gathered from across humanity’s history, in one-on-one battles. The first side to reach seven victories will decide if humanity survives or gets eradicated.

A tournament based battle manga involving several well-known gods from different mythos definitely live up to the expectations of power right from the very beginning. In terms of AP/DC, the verse is easily city + scaling from Lu Bu’s cloud split and ambiguous statements from Thor, Zeus, and Shiva, hits possibly higher. Characters are easily FTL scaled speed wise, judging from the feat involving a casual Zeus’s kick. For powers and abilities, there’re noteworthy highlights such as time manipulation, power mimicry, precognition, information analysis, statistics amplification, and so on.

OP, basically.

Talking about the premise sounds cliché but also satiable. Netflix merged season one sub-plots into the action filled chapters, mixing mythological, religious, and spiritual elements to create intriguing battles. The story dives deep into each character and where they get their strength from, it’s not only about the fighting but what it means for every fighter involved; their loved ones, acquaintances, and how they perfect their style of combat.

The appeal is obvious; a cyclical underdog story.

Can a human defeat a God?

The show takes its time, ensuring that they can flesh the concept out for further seasons.

^^^ A fun attempt turned into a hard lesson.

If you look closely, I forgot to give someone an eye.