Negative Drawing 101

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Someone just asked me a question about this and since I don’t know what to talk about next, let’s give this one a go 😀

First, it’s important to have a general idea what negative space is. It’s the space surrounding an object, figure, or form. The positive space refers to the object, figure, or form that exists within the negative space. Understanding both positive and negative space in an artwork and learning to “see” negative space helps to create fuller pieces with greater balance and depth. One way to understand the value of negative space is to lay your hand with fingers splayed on a piece of paper and trace it, then color or shade in the entire paper around your hand. By learning to see and draw the negative or surrounding space, you can make the outer outline or contour of the positive space (object) naturally appear.

Another way to describe this is the figure-ground relationship. Drawing the holes or gaps in an image of a chair is a popular way to engage in negative space drawing. The outer contour or outline is the barrier between the positive and negative space. You aren’t drawing the object but giving the illusion of the object by drawing around it.

  • Erase the Negative Space, creating an image by purposefully concentrating on the negative space around an object is through erasing. Try covering an entire paper with a black, gray, or another dark hue with a medium that can be erased. A medium-dark pencil to shade without too much pressure and a standard pink eraser or charcoal with a gum eraser works just fine. Your goal will be to remove or pull away all the negative space you see around an object by erasing the negative space from the picture. When you do this, only the object remains in the dark hue. Again, a chair is useful here or another object with clear outlines and chunks of positive and negative space. This is tricky to explain verbally.
  • Optical Illusions often make it confusing for our brains to determine which part of an image is the positive or dominant area and which is receding or negative. I find a useful example of this in “Rubin’s Vase,” Psychologist Edgar Rubin created a series of these images in 1915.
  • Stencil and Printing Art, you can also use stenciling and printing to understand positive and negative space in a new medium. With a stencil project, a stencil, or sheet with images cut out laid over a surface. When you apply color, it only hits the surface below and appears where the stencil layer is absent. When cutting out and creating a stencil, remember that the last image will mimic the stencil’s negative space, or the pieces of paper they remove. I learned more about this with Screen printing projects, it’s a great way to explore this process.

Negative space drawing isn’t discussed very often, and the concept can be elusive because it is a unique way of looking at things. Instead of looking at objects, you are supposed to look at where the objects aren’t. I like to think of positive spaces as occupied by solid objects, while negative spaces are the areas filled with air or other things invisible to the eye. 

drawing negative space

By placing pockets of negative spaces as accurately as you can in relationship to the whole, your contour drawing will come easily. You are not only looking at the lines (edges), you are also working “inside out” by isolating and framing the shapes within the larger outline.

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