There comes a time in your life when you must allow someone else to read your writing. Unless you are writing in a private diary, which you then plan to burn in a cleansing bonfire before burying the remains deep in the secret heart of the woods, you will eventually have to share your writing with someone. This poem/screenplay/blog post has been your baby for weeks or months or years, and you don’t want to shove it into the cruel outside world all on its own.

Everyone was so interested in reading what I’d write.

It was an invasion of privacy and honestly surprising because I’m no good at all.

I think everyone’s interest grew from how secretive and defensive I’d get about it.

So, I figured why the hell not, why not just put it all out there?

It’s disappointing at best and embarrassing lol,

But, idk, I guess enjoy?

As you can see, I had a lot of love to give 😋

Anyway, whether it was the gross puppy love my romantic heart could not contain. He was the first person I genuinely cared about, doesn’t matter how young you are. If you ever meet someone who makes you forget the world around you by hearing their voice or being physically present with you…y’all better thank Jesus that person exists.


You’ll probably run into that ~feeling~ a lot but nothing beats the first time 😉

I’ll be posting more when I get back home next weekend.

Till then it’s digi detox! Have a good week WordPress!