I’ve never been a health nut

But things are about to change.

This past week has been brutal.

On Monday some random sickness came over me, I was puking my guts out, blowing blood vessels underneath my eyes because of the pressure from said puke sessions.

The home away from home vacay was cut short.

Tuesday, I wake up in my own bed feeling like a million bucks. I even posted an ig story, you would’ve never guessed how shitty I was just feeling. By mid afternoon there was a shift, I tried to suppress the gross feeling with a warm shower, however, when it was still present I convinced myself a bath would rid of it.

Nope, wrong. Nothing eased the nausea I was feeling.

On Wednesday I was outside the ER being treated as a covid patient. Mind you, I was wearing a hoodie in SoCals disgusting 98+ weather because of the cold chills I was experiencing on the way over. That feeling quickly vanished after a shot of reglan seemed to vanquish the nausea. But, I was getting more impatient and extremely irritated because It felt like I was overheating.

The longer they took the nausea was slowly making its way back, I panicked and said fuck that noise, I snuck outta there undetected like a b0$$ before getting properly discharged.

While reglan did help, I ended up getting a fever that night and all of Thursday I felt practically bedridden.

But today I feel okay.

I’m finally able to get out of bed without wanting to fall backwards or retch the nothingness in my stomach.

Today I feel like myself.

And today I appreciate better health.

Next Monday we’ll find out what was the culprit, but for now, everyone should take their health more seriously.

Make it a friggin priority.

We can’t go back in time and erase the damage we have already done. But, we can make our bodies stronger and healthier by starting now. I also want you to think about the people who love you and who want you to be here, living a great life with them. Don’t forget that you mean the world to someone and I can guarantee those people want you to do all you can to stay here with them. Isn’t it time we all made better choices?