movie night fail

The Suicide Squad


Usually at the end of movies like this, you can’t shut up about how good it was.

spoiler alert?

The only positive feedback I can give was I laughed 4-5 times.

Had high expectations because of the bogus praise it was receiving. The movie begins by basically throwing you into the action, then slows down to show the recruitment process. Once that’s done, we’re thrown back right into the action, only to be slowed down again. It’s almost like you’re about to reach climax and you stop to explain how you got there.

They tried to make it heartfelt by putting on a backstory, but I couldn’t get myself to sympathise with any character. Idris’s character was okay. Not much going on there. Cena needs refinement in the comedy. King shark had decent scenes. Polka-dot was amazing to watch, but not enough of him in there.

So many things are just lacking. The whole regime’s motivations are unknown, their characters are like placeholders. Nothing they say makes us care. Peacemaker’s actions are inexplicable. There is no hint of why he’s doing what he’s doing. And the scene where Amanda gives her look from her office – is that supposed to have some meaning??

Oh my god, I can’t even imagine why someone would write such a trash plot.

I love sci-fi/action/thriller movies with significant stories, but that’s not this and I never like to call movies garbage, but this was so bad. I’m trying to find something I liked about the story, dialogue or action sequences but I have failed to. I love the cast Margot, Idris, Joel, Viola, Jai Courtney, Pete Davidson and Nathan Fillion but wtf?!?

This is pure randomness and lack of structure masquerading as subversiveness and edginess. This film reeks of studio desperation.

It’s not entirely without merit. Some of the photography is nice. Some of the acting performances are good (Polka Dot man, Idris Elba, the Shark and Rat Girl). Some of the character interactions are funny. The first 20 minutes are amusing. The movie grinds to a painful halt in the middle and never regains its momentum.

It’s one exceedingly long, constantly interrupted, unfocused stew.

I love DC chars and draw them all the time.

This movie just left me like;