Hi 2022

I’m as bad as anyone.

I always resolve to stop looking at my phone, lose a bit of weight, the norm ya know? We look back on the old year, trying to recall all we accomplished. Some of us can list many accomplishments, most of us cannot. Don’t make your goal impossible. Make it something that challenges you, but something you can also accomplish if you work hard within the year.

  • I will work to be a kinder and more generous human being.
  • I am going to play a round of golf without crying.
  • I am going to learn to talk about cryptocurrency.
  • NFTs.
  • Be brave and take risks: I will try new things, learn, live, push myself, challenge myself, and improve myself.
  • Transform negative self-talk.
  • Practice kindness: Small acts of kindness can impact the world. Every interaction you have is a new chance to practice compassion, understanding, generosity, patience, and love.
  • Seek wisdom and self-knowledge: Every single person on this earth is different. Meditation is a tool, when you sit with yourself for a period of time, just existing, focusing on your breath, inner truths have a tendency to bubble up and make themselves clear.

And of course, the artsy side of things;

  • Time Management Skills: Write to-do lists every day. Work to stay focused by avoiding the distractions that I’m prone to. Turn phone off!
  • Appreciate More: Moments that you can capture what you see, feel and express on a deeper level.
  • Get Organized: We’ll see how it goes!
  • Draw, Sketch, Repeat!: Drawing is the foundation to all art and a skill that is based on practice and observation. As I work on increasing my skills with sketching and exploration. Basic shapes, line, values, expressive lines and capturing ‘feeling’ of what I’m expressing.
  • Share & Encourage: Art can be a solitary activity, stepping out of your comfort zone as you become a better artist can be unnerving. After all, you are your own worse critic. Consider encouraging other artists!
  • Practice: keep working and enjoying the personal satisfaction that comes from creativity, skill and experience.

A better version of yourself is waiting just around the corner!